My Professional Projects

I firmly believe that one of the keys to having a rich and satisfying musical life is being able to develop activities that motivate and inspire you.

Playing with friends, perform all kinds of music and styles, or working for the new generations, these are just three of the many reasons why I am involved in the projects that I present below.

I'm sure my musical life would be a lot less interesting without them.

Spanish Tuba Quartet

Spanish Tuba Quartet was formed in 2014 in order to spread the formation of the Tubas Quartet and promote the creation of a new repertoire for it. 

Its members, all of them strongly committed to tuba pedagogy and supporting new generations, offer training workshops and master classes parallel to their concerts.

Duo Tuba Lírica

Lyrical tuba is a project that highlights the vocal dimension of the tuba and its expressive possibilities.

It reminds us that music can exist in different forms and sound appearances, without losing the magic and beauty that make it up.


The creation and development of the Spanish Association of Tubas and Euphoniums AETYB is the most beautiful and enriching project in which I have participated throughout my professional career.

Since 2012, AETYB has developed an intense activity to promote and disseminate the tuba and the euphonium, organizing conferences, interpretation contests, composition contests, webinars and endless other activities.